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Statue of Liberty

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7 ways to view the Statue of Liberty

A gift from France to America, ‘Lady Liberty’ as she is fondly referred is a beacon of freedom to all that pass their gaze on the...

Rodeo Drive

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The iconic streets of L.A.

From its great beaches and pleasant Mediterranean style climate, to its Hollywood and Disney attractions, celebrity-spotting and great...


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Where to eat in Seattle

As a gateway from North America to Asia and a waterfront city with equally fertile fisheries and farmland, Seattle has all of the raw...

Tallinn, Estonia

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Where to spend a white Christmas

There is something magical about experiencing a white Christmas. And thinking about where you’d like to see that snow falling is part...

Hana, Hawaii 1280

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Hawaii in all seasons

Hawaii is a perfect vacation destination year-round. But some months are even more perfect in particular parts of the islands. Writer John...

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30 must-see gardens in ‘America’s Garden Capital’

Quaker farmer John Bartram laid roots in Philadelphia’s first botanical garden in 1728 on the banks of the Schuylkill River. Known as...