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Quebec City - Place Champlain

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Why Quebec City is a Canada favorite

The charms of this 400-year-old city are many and the fact that French is spoken here, is only the beginning. With its charming cobblestone...

Rodeo Drive

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The iconic streets of L.A.

From its great beaches and pleasant Mediterranean style climate, to its Hollywood and Disney attractions, celebrity-spotting and great...


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Where to eat in Seattle

As a gateway from North America to Asia and a waterfront city with equally fertile fisheries and farmland, Seattle has all of the raw...

The Butchart Gardens 1280

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Canada’s stunning Butchart Gardens

Determined to resurrect her barren ‘back-yard’, one tenacious woman set about a beautification project that now has to be seen to be...

Scenic Diamond

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Chateau and wine touring in Bordeaux

There are few places in the world that connect you with history more profoundly than regional France. The lavish chateaux, unchanged...

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Viking ocean cruise spa review

A rare inclusion on ships today, accessing spa facilities can be one of the costliest charges on a cruise. But, if you’re the type to...