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Free B&B homestay for mature travelers

Do expensive hotel rooms prohibit you from traveling? In the five largest US cities, the average daily hotel room rate has climbed to over...

Quebec City - Place Champlain

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Why Quebec City is a Canada favorite

The charms of this 400-year-old city are many and the fact that French is spoken here, is only the beginning. With its charming cobblestone...

Statue of Liberty

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7 ways to view the Statue of Liberty

A gift from France to America, ‘Lady Liberty’ as she is fondly referred is a beacon of freedom to all that pass their gaze on the...

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7 common questions about flying answered

For many, flying has become about as commonplace as a road trip to the grocery store – at least it seems that way. With an abundance of...

Venice, Italy

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How to navigate Venice

The watery wonderland of Venice isn’t your typical city when it comes to getting around.   Spread across 118 small islands, this...

Rodeo Drive

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The iconic streets of L.A.

From its great beaches and pleasant Mediterranean style climate, to its Hollywood and Disney attractions, celebrity-spotting and great...

How to avoid resort fees

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Resort Fee Fatigue – How to avoid resort fees

The daily grind of getting up early, going to work, and saving up for a vacation is something most people can relate to. The mere thought...

Prague 1280

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The world’s safest places to visit

It’s completely reasonable that anyone traveling abroad these days considers personal safety one of the deciding factors in their...

plane-cabin 1280

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Window Vs Aisle Seat – Which is best?

Let’s face it, flying these days can be an exercise in patience, especially when you’re flying in Coach. Crowded planes, minimal...

Tallinn, Estonia

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Where to spend a white Christmas

There is something magical about experiencing a white Christmas. And thinking about where you’d like to see that snow falling is part...